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 [Blaze]Gm application.

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PostSubject: [Blaze]Gm application.   [Blaze]Gm application. Icon_minitimeSat Oct 17, 2009 1:52 pm

Name: Josh crage

Country: England/Birmingham


Contact: email: lil-josh-likes-toast@hotmail.co.uk

Time Zone GMT+/-(?): GMT+1

Why do you want to be a GM? I want to be GM because i want to help the community and make it grow.

What can you do for this community? I can make the community a great place by making sure the members follow the rules and i can also keep the members happy by making events and trying to stop ego/harrasment/racism etc.

have you been a GM on another server before?i was GM on Mocro gunz and a trial GM on Dark Gunz i havnt got any proff of either of these. i havnt got proof of being a gm on Dark Gunz because i left and deleted all i had to do with it. and i havnt got proof for Mocro Gunz because my computer broke and i had to get a new one and i was fired for inactivity because i couldnt play while my computer was broke.

Anyhting else you want us to know about you? Im a freindly kind of guy but i can turn evil if someone doesnt follow the rules.

yours sincerly Blaze.

Proof i can .MRS edit with great ease:

[Blaze]Gm application. Gunz008

[b]Dont worry i kept the old system.MRS and deleted the edited one.

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PostSubject: Re: [Blaze]Gm application.   [Blaze]Gm application. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2009 1:13 pm

nop sorry, maybe good luck next time
aw and please don't edit the system.mrs it can result to a ban
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[Blaze]Gm application.
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