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 [Blaze]Gfx application

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PostSubject: [Blaze]Gfx application   [Blaze]Gfx application Icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2009 9:39 pm

Name: josh crage


Time Zone:GMT

Contact: lil-josh-likes-toast@hotmail.co.uk

Age: 17

What can you do for this community? make lots of items

Have you been a Developer on another server? no i havnt Sad

Show your work here;
[Blaze]Gfx application Withouttexture2

[Blaze]Gfx application 1-1

[Blaze]Gfx application 1-2

[Blaze]Gfx application 1-3

[Blaze]Gfx application Bestwork

[Blaze]Gfx application Heavenly

I use blender.
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[Blaze]Gfx application
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