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PostSubject: [GM APP] Epic   [GM APP] Epic Icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 10:15 pm

Name: Nathan

Country: United States of America

Age: 14

Contact: gunner098l@gmail.com

Time Zone GMT+/-(?): Uhm, I don't know lmao.

Why do you want to be a GM?: I wan't to become GM, to help this server out. I can be online for, VERY long amounts of time, and I am very active. I love helping people, and I can communicate very well. I also want to be a GM to ban rule breakers, and/or punish them accordingly to there actions, if other staff are not online. For example, without me,
Room 1: Hacker
Everyone mad, and hacker keeps annoying them, but no staff is online to ban.
With me.
Room 1: Hacker
Someone either contacts me on msn, or in game, I am right there, to ban him/her.

What can you do for this community? I can advertise, make trailers, get more users, and help the community grow.

Have you been a GM on another server before?(if so then show proof): Uhm, no proof, but Owner of 2 of my own servers, and GM/Co-Owner for Bloody Gunz

Anyhting else you want us to know about you? I am really nice, slow to anger, I am hard to annoy, I am mature, I play guitar, I know my way around the admin panel, I am very experienced, I get almost Straight A's in school, and I LOVE gunz.
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[GM APP] Epic
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